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Ovir Pass Trekking


 Day 1 Arrive Islamabad, transfer to hotel.
 Day 2 Drive to Peshawar, the route is on the Grand Trunk Road of India, one of the most important and ancient roads on the sub-continent. En route we will visit the Moghul Fortress at Attack standing on the banks of the river Indus. Also visit some Mughal gardens and tombs not far outside Rawalpindi. After checking into the hotel at Peshawar and a much needed rest there should be time to look around some of the famous bazaars of this renowned city that played much important part in Great Game.
 Day 3 We make the short, but exciting flight to Chitral, 4980 ft. The small two prop airplane seems to skim just over the mountain passes to enter the Chitral valley, with mountains actually above the aircraft on either side. The picturesque Chitral town lies by the Chitral river. Worth seeing is the Shahi Masjid (Grand Mosque) against the backdrop of Tirich Mir peak 25,264 ft, ex-ruler’s Fort and the local style of Khowar houses of friendly Chitralis. Also worth exploring is the fascinating bazaar which offers a host of hand-crafted treasures, Chitral is famous for its polo tournaments held from April to July and September to October. Transfer to hotel.

 Day 4 


CHITRAL/SHAHBRONZ(9000 FT). This is a very spectacular jeep journey, taking 5 hours to the village of Shahbronz. We camp in an orchard in the village.
 Day 5 Climb steeply of the village to a water course, then follow this before rising again to Shokorshal, a tree-sheltered camp site with good fresh water. The site is on lateral glacial morain at 1,000 ft. During the day you will obtain the first really good views of the highest mountain in the Hindukush, Tirich Mir, and back towards the range of mountains known as Hindu Raj. Overnight camping.
 Day 6 Continuing up the Ablation Valley for some 4 hours, gaining approximately 7000 ft. From this site it is interesting and possible to continue up the moraine to look at the ice falls guarding Tirich Mir. Overnight camping.

 Day 7 


Another easy three hours pleasant walk down the valley to this tiny hamlet. Overnight camping.
 Day 8 Approximately 4 hours walk around a spur and climbing up to the village. Good views across the valley of the peaks of Hindukush. The camp is next to a water wheel and flour mill and just at the point of spur. Beautiful views of the irrigated valleys below and the more dry and barren hillsides above. Overnight Camping.
 Day 9 From Bimis we traverse round the hillside, mainly following irrigation channels to the village of Duggas. The villages at this altitude are much newer, indicated by the smaller trees compared to the older, more developed settlements lower down. The Tirich Mir glacier is seen at the head of the valley and can be reached in 3 hours from Duggas. Looking out from the camp site the Ovir Pass is to the south. Overnight camping.
 Day 10 A rather longer day of some 6 hours to camp just below the pass at a height of approx 13,800 ft. Splendid views of the Shahbronz valley and of the mountains stretching into Afghanistan. Possibility of patches of old snow at this altitude.
 Day 11 Having reached the pass, we will spend some time exploring along the ride Before descending across an expanse of shale to meadows above Kiyar. 4 hours.
 Day 12 An early walk down through pastures to the village of Kiyar and then further on down to camp by the River where we will pay off the porters who return to Shahbronz. Plenty of time to wander around Kiyar and the surrounding small settlements. No doubt we will be invited in and given some hospitality . 2 hours walking. Overnight camping.
 Day 13 A three hour jeep drive, the first half of which is one a windy, bumpy road through orchards of mulberry trees. The second half is into the Susoom Valley through stark canyons to Shoghor and finally to Chitral. Here we can either spend the afternoon in the bazaars amongst the traders of Lapis Lazuli and other semi precious stones, or just relax at the hotel.
 Day 14 Distance 32 – 36 km south of Chitral. These are a group of three small valleys: Birir, Bamburet and Rambur. Bamburet is the largest and the most picturesque Valley of the Kafir Kalash people. A two hours jeep drive to this strange and remarkable tribe of people who are the primitive pagan tribes known as Kafir Kalash, which means the wearers of the black robes. They have the old habit of burying their dead in open coffins. The people of Kalash claim their descent from the armies of Alexander the Great. The houses are constructed of rough hewn logs and are double storied because of the steepness of the slopes. They are famous for their lively religious festivals. They also wear a picturesque head gear which weighs between three and four pounds. It is made of wooden black material encrusted with cowry shells, buttons and crowned with a large colored feather.
 Day 15 TREK OVER THE CHAMBOI PASS(12,000 FT) An easy day’s trek. We will probably picnic on the pass and the day gives plenty of time to meet and interact with more of the Kalash tribes people. Overnight Camping.
 Day 16 One hour flight from Chitral to Peshawar. Rest of the day free do to your own things. Peshawar has many places of interest to see and is full of colors. There is the street of story tellers, the bazaar of dentists, bazaar of spice sellers and the bazaar of every thing under the sun. Overnight at hotel.
 Day 17 PESHAWAR/ISLAMABAD. Drive to Islamabad. Arrive and transfer to hotel.
 Day 18

Fly to onward destination.

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