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K2 / K-2 & Gondogoro La Trek


Day 1

ARRIVE ISLAMABAD. Transfer to hotel for K2 / K-2 & GONDOGORO LA TREK.

Day 2

ISLAMABAD- Trek briefing with Alpine Club about K2 / K-2 & GONDOGORO LA TREK route

Day 3

FLY TO SKARDU- Today we take an hour long flight to Skardu, which at 7,500 ft. above sea level, is the capital of Baltistan province. This is a very spectacular flight and passes close to the world’s ninth highest mountain, Nanga Parbat(8126 meter). We may also see Broad Peak and K2. Arrive and transfer to our unique Mongolian resort Karakoram Yurt & Yak Sarai wherein you will experience once in a life time adventure living in a lifestyle that will take you back to the times of Kublai Khan and Marcopolo. Overnight at hotel. In case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas.

Day 4


Day 5

DRIVE TO THONGAL/ ASKOLE- Overnight camping

Day 6

TREK TO KOROFONG(6 hours)- As you leave the village of Askole you will pass through a wooden arch. there is a similar one to greet you at the village of Hushe. take time to look back and savour the views as the land that you are about to enter is in stark contrast to it. It is pleasant walk up to the Biafo glacier.

Prior to the glacier are some spectacularly weathered rocks where some shelter can be found; rest here prior to crossing the snout of the Biafo glacier. It is a tiring crossing, but once over the best spring water in the world is available to you at Korofong, a real Oasis where you will camp for the night.

Day 7

TREK TO CHOBRAKQ(8 hours). This is a much longer day but one that is punctuated by two stops. We follow the river, which is now called the Biaho, the path after descending to its shore trends ever higher and fine views are afforded. Bakhor Das(19,058 ft.) across the valley, and Paiju Peaks needle like spires in the distance, which mark the gateway to the Baltoro. The path crosses the spur. The descent to the valley below is not for people who feel uncomfortable with exposed situations. The route taken, depending on paths open, can vary. The worst case will require you to descend a steep 1200 ft. section of about moderate standard. there will be many helping hands for this section; to put it in to perspective. The porters are carrying 30 kg. Once down you will trek to the famous Jola, which for those that do not know, is a box slung underneath a steel cable, in which you and rest of the party will cross the river. this method of crossing the rivers is quite common in Pakistan. It is fairly time consuming but very photogenic. A lunch stop will be organized further down stream from the Jola. After lunch, follow the path by the river until the camp site is reached. The path can be very loose, so be on your guard and remember not to trust the banks of the river as they could be undercut.

Day 8

TREK TO PAIJU (4-5 hours). A very pleasant day’s trek, whilst this is a short day, we need to start early as there is a stream to be forded after about 3 hours of trekking. This stream is fed from a small glacier, and later in the day the stream will be much deeper due to the melt water. About an hour or so after the stream crossing, you will arrive at Paiju which is traditional rest stop for expedition porters. It is a very pleasant spot. It has the last trees you will see for some time and a small trading post which in our experience often runs of soft drinks etc

Day 9

TREK TO LILIGO(4-5 hours) After contouring the valley for a short time the full majesty of the Baltoro glacier will unfold before you; this is the route ahead to the “throne room of the Mountain Gods” as Concordia has been described. Due to the amount of traffic going up the glacier the path is surprisingly good; care has obviously to be shown when walking in terrain such as this. Once on the glacier you are finally amongst the famous peaks and today you should be able to see back to Paiju. There is good washing water available in nearby streams; it is good idea to make use of it as you will not see such luxury for a few more days.

Day 10

TREK TO URDUKAS(4- 5 hours). Today’s trek is another quite a short one however, it is quite strenuous. Most of your trekking will be on the glacier and path is undulating. You are gaining altitude all the time and the approach up to the camp site at Urdukas will no doubt serve to remind you of this for themost challenging walking of this day at the end. the camp site is an impressive spot, not only due to its situation but also for its history. The duke of Abruzzi’s men created the original shelves on which you will spend this night. The site overlooks the Baltoro and from it you will get the most marvellous views. Cathedral peak is on the opposite side of the glacier.

Day 11

TREK TO GORO(6-7 hours). This is a much longer and tougher day than you have had up till now but as with all days on this trip the rewards are great. If the weather is good, you will get views of Muztagh Tower. You will pass by Masherbrum peak to the south of you and you will get tantalizingly closer to Gasherbrum-IV. This, standing as it does at the head of the Baltoro, is like to beacon guiding you towards Concordia. As you leave the camp site at Urdukas you will pass the graves of some high altitude porters who have died in the mountains. Sometimes the porters, especially if there is a Holy man amongst them, will gather around the grave and say a few simple prayers. The camp site at Goro, which is actually on the glacier, is not the best due to the proximity of the Army. The camp site, as is common with some of the other camp sites on the trek, has limited spaces; if these are taken it will entail some extra trekking.

Day 12

TREK TO CONCORDIA(3-4 hours). Today, after a very easy trek, you will arrive at one of the most impressively situated camp sites in the world. From Concordia, it is possible to see the most magnificent mountain scenery in the world. No wonder that it is known as ‘the throne room of the Mountain Gods’.The peaks tower over you and all appear to be tantalizingly close. Gasherbrum II, III & IV, Mitre Peak, Chogolisa, Broad Peak and visible for the first time the second highest mountain the world- K2. Concordia is at an altitude of approx. 15,000 ft. It has been our experience and that of other trekking firms that the route up to Concordia allows for gradual acclimatization to take place and although you may experience some affects due to the altitude, these are not likely to be. Overnight camping.

Day 13-14

EXPLORATION AT K-2 BASE CAMP/BROAD PEAK BASE CAMP. We have time to explore the “Throne room of the Gods” and marvel at the 360 degree panorama containing 4 out of the world’s 14, 8000 meter peaks. There is also chance to hike to base camp of K2 along the Godwin Austin glacier or the less strenuous walk to Broad Peak base camp which ever direction one looks the views are breath taking. Overnight camping.

Day 15

TREK TO ALI CAMP(7 hours). If the weather is clear for this day trek, you will get some spectacular views of K2 and the other mountains. After leaving Concordia there is a difficult section before you get on to the top of the glacier, if the snow conditions are good, you will experience an exhilarating days walk. At the end of the day’s trek if the snow cover is very sparse, you may have to take to the moraine to avoid the crevasses this we are sorry to say is a bit of a slog. On the final climb up to Ali Camp you will begin to feel the altitude. The camp is at a height of approx. 16,700 ft.

Day 16

TREK TO LOW CAMP VIA THE GONDOGORO PASS- This is a very hard and long day, however, the sense of achievement and satisfaction that you will experience will far out weight the effort that you will expend. If the snow conditions are good and the steps do not have to be cut for the porters the top of the pass can be gained relatively quickly. However, steel yourself for a long day, 13-14 hours. this could be less dependent upon the snow conditions at the time of your crossing. Water bottles may be replenished from melt water streams on the lower slopes prior to reaching the Low Camp. An ‘alpine start’ will be called for. After leaving Ali Camp you will follow the moraine for a short while before once more stepping on to the glacier, this will follow into a huge amphitheater of mountains. Depending on snow conditions, it may be necessary to rope up for the crossing of the glacier. The pass is not obvious one, it is gradually revealed as you make your way through it. The pass is a climb in its own right and crampons and ice axes will need to be used. The Vigne side of the pass has three difficult sections in it where ropes need to be fixed primarily for the porters but do not snub them as they make a useful hand rail. The steepest section of this die is about 75-90 meter long. Once the top is gained, the effort of getting up is forgotten; for if the weather is clear the views are truly amazing and you will have the satisfaction of climbing to just over 19,000 ft. From the top you may be able to see the evenings camp site, it is a distant patch of green that after your days on the platter will look very inviting. The day though is not yet over. It along steep descent, the top section is an angle of 60* and it is sustained for some way. Again depending upon conditions may be necessary to fix ropes in order to get the porters down to easier ground. If the weather has been good for several weeks, the snow line is soon gained and the porters will descend at an amazing rate, caution will dictate a slower rate for the rest of the party. Overnight camping.

Day 17

TREK TO DALSANG PA(3-4 hours). This is the last day that you will required to walk on a glacier. Up until 1993 the path was at the side of the glacier on the moraine and it took no time at all to get down. It takes about 3 hours to cross the glacier. There is a small spring at the other side and the porters may have gone on ahead to prepare some tea for you. You will enjoy tremendous views of Masherbrum on your descent, it looks totally different from the Baltoro aspect. After the tea stop there is very pleasant short walk to Dalsang Pa, here you will start to see signs of civilization, possibly some Zos of Yaks with their herders. There are two small lakes at the camp site; the lower one is the cleaner of the two. The first bath for some time is a most welcome one.

Day 18

TREK TO SAISCHO. Saischo is situated at the confluence of the Gondogoro and Sarassa valleys. Overnight camping.

Day 19

TREK TO HUSHE(4 hours). Today is your last day of trekking, you will get the sense of leaving the big mountains behind and with it your remoteness from the world. You will still get glimpses of Masherbrum as you descend to the verdant terraces of Hushe. You will camp in one of the small walled camp sites on the outskirts of the village. Your transport will be waiting for you. In Hushe, you will say goodbye to the last of your porters.

Day 20

DRIVE TO SKARDU- transfer to hotel.

Day 21

FLY TO ISLAMABAD. arrive and transfer to hotel. In case of flight cancellation drive to Chilas.

Day 22


Day 23

ISLAMABAD- Debriefing with Alpine Club

Day 24

Fly to onward destination. End of our services.