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Gwadar Tours

3 Days & 4 Nights

Gwadar is a port city on the southwestern coast of Balochistan. Mostly comprising of Baloch, Gwadar has a population of around 85,000. Since Gwadar is a desert area, the temperatures there are pretty warm. It gets pleasant in winter, with temperatures ranging from 18ºC to 19ºC. The road trip also features the beautiful Hingol National Park, Princess of Hope, Ormara beach and the Kund Malir beach. Our team travels themselves before the trip so they make sure you get the best of each location. Some hours of traveling through absolutely beautiful scenic areas are the only thing between you and the port. But, through this journey, you’ll visit a lot of other destinations too.

  • Power Boating

Hop on the extremely fast power boats and enjoy soaring down at high speeds through the water. You can ride along with a group or your friends and enjoy this service.

  • Scuba diving

We give you the underwater apparatus and a suit, so you can spend as much time you want in the water. Dolphins, different turtles, and starfish have all been spotted. Come with us and spot one of your very own!

  • Boating

Various fishermen will convince you to take a ride along with them. Enjoy boating with the locals as they tell you all there is about Gwadar, on their boats!

  • Desert Safari

Exclusively offered in Gwadar, take a safari on among the abandoned deserts and capture the stunning moments of the Desert.

  • Swimming

Take a swim at the beaches or in the pools available in the hotels. The temperature controlled pools of the hotels or the wild, natural beaches of Gwadar, the choice are all yours!

  • Fishing

Go fishing with the experts of city and try your luck! Fishing would be more fun with your friends and the locals of Gwadar as they guide you at every step.

  • Music Night and Bonfire

Enjoy the music night, relax your mind and soul. either you want to sing or listen to your favorite song. We cater to all requests. Along with all this, we provide you with a bonfire. The cool breeze and a bonfire is all you need at night. Bring your marshmallows!


Day 1 Pick up from airport and drive to Gwadar

Day 2 Visit to Gwadar City, beach, market , mini port Pc hotel, Gorab Beach. Speed Boating time at Beach. Visit Sea View of Gwadar Beach to Watch the Mesmerizing Sunset

Day 3 Witness the Beautiful Sunrise from Koh-e-Batil. Departure for Gwadar to Ormara beach, Princess of Hope, Kund Malir Beach 

Day 4 Fly back home 

Tours are custom tailored. However personalised tours can be arranged based on the client’s preferences.

Rates will be prepared after confirmation of a tour by the client.